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The responsibilities and challenges of today’s police officers are ever increasing. With the threat of homeland terrorism, rising violence in our schools, drug and alcohol abuse, our society and freedoms that we so dearly cherish are being challenged. Police Officers must continue to train, be innovative, and constantly evaluate and re-evaluate policy and procedure to adjust to these acts of violence and behaviors. Despite all these obstacles, the most important role that a police officer provides which will never change or be defeated is serving the people. I have been given the trust of the people and charged with duties to provide the citizens of Pulaski County with a staff who are professional, trained, motivated and sincere about their chosen profession as a servant to the people. I will do this to the best of my ability and will not allow The Thin Blue Line to weaken by those who would do us harm.

 Jeffery K. Richwine

 Sheriff – Pulaski County


The Pulaski County Justice Center

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